Creatures and Vegas?

Ok, so these are the pieces I did for an art show for the now faded Fadedcamel. Twas a show we did in ’05 at Meltdown Comics. These were fun because color pencils are easy to use and get pretty good results. It was also fun to draw these gals. Although I can’t say I’m proud of all 5, I still think they look pretty decent. The green one sold! What what!!


I’m wondering if I should stick with singing “hexmor” or go back to “hex”??? Nah, Hexmor seems to have more style? what do you think?


6 Responses to “Creatures and Vegas?”

  1. elizabeth Says:

    summer is MINE! wahahahahah!

  2. elizabeth Says:

    wait.. I meant Kim… dang

  3. saturn Says:

    woooww mijo- foxxy ladies! /me likes suzette.aaaand i vote for hexmor.

  4. Young Vo Says:

    I always love your Ladies! The Question of Hex or Hexmor is a very perplexing one for me. I know your work as Hex. This Hexmor, I don’t who he is? So… I drew pictures that help answer is question (for me). You can see it on my blog. I cast my vote for Hex.

  5. sarabeth Says:

    you are amazing. do one of me?

  6. Mario Morales Says:

    you’r amazing, que daria yo por poder dibujar tan bien como lo haces tu. CONGRATULATIONS

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