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Love That Joker…

Posted in Illustrations on 07/27/2008 by hexmor

This new Joker from The Dark Night was such a krazy kool and new take on that character that it’s a shame that it will never be performed again. Heath Ledger did a great job with him. I like seeing super insane villains. Ones that are capable of anything, even hurting themselves. Even the new look is kool, mutilated face and all. Although I do like the permanent white skin and green hair on him rather than it being make up. Again, the Joker is someone else I have never drawn, despite him being my favorite comic bad dude, so here he is. Would have liked to have seen a Harley Quinn down the line too. Want to know how I got these scars? Intense!


HellBoy and Abe

Posted in Illustrations on 07/10/2008 by hexmor

So I’m pretty excited about the new Hellboy movie coming out soon. Mostly because of the direction by Guillermo Del Toro, mostly. I think that man can’t go wrong with what he does. Inspired, I figured I would do a Hellboy and Abe Sapien piece since I had never really drawn these 2 characters before. It was fun. Time now for my next upcoming movie inspired piece. Why so serious?