Chu Chu Attack

Began playing Phantom Hourglass (again) last night so I got the inspiration to draw “Toon” Link this morning. Not sure why I went with the faux print look. Gave me a reason to use that stained paper scan though. I hope another Zelda game is made in this “toon” version. I think I like it better than the other ones. Wind Waker was so fun.


7 Responses to “Chu Chu Attack”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Love Link and your style here.They’re doing another Toon link game for ds pretty soon. But wind waker was great, I like to see that art on a bigger screen. And I hate the lightning chus!

  2. chickennuggets Says:


  3. joonasjoonas Says:

    very interesting color world! Good job mate!

  4. SteveLambe Says:

    Wow…great stuff all over the place here, Hugo.

  5. Chris Battle Says:

    Agreed! Love it. Nice one, Hugo.

  6. bsleven Says:

    Awesome design man!!!!! : )

  7. Tariq Says:

    Zelda Spirit Tracks was just released today! Great pic, I love Toon Link.

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