Yuki 7 Whisky Ad

After seeing all the great Yuki 7 work that Kevin Dart and company did and are doing for the book release and upcoming art show at Gallery Nucleus, I got inspired to do a piece of my own. Being the Icon of the 60’s that she was, I figured that Ms. Yuki 7 herself would be in many many adverts. Since I enjoy Japanese whiskys, I figured I would place her in an ad for one. So there it is. I think it needs more of a clever slogan or catch phrase, but it’ll do for now. I’ll go have me a drink to think up a better one.


5 Responses to “Yuki 7 Whisky Ad”

  1. Josh Parpan Says:

    I love it Hugo!

  2. alan bodner Says:

    Hi Hugo,I like where you are going with this blog…best to you,Alan

  3. Munchanka Says:

    haha, guns and alcohol. I'm sold.

  4. pakoto Says:

    veeeery nice!!

  5. Patrick Kochakji Says:

    Awesome piece Hugo. Great pose.

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