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New Year, New Blog, Karen O

Posted in Doodles on 01/28/2010 by hexmor

Soooooo I’ve decided to move my blog.  No real reason, just wanted something new.  Now I OWN “hexmor” the blog.  Here is a little work time sketch of Karen O.  It looked a little plain just as a sketch so I placed it over a wall texture from the book Walls Notebook.  Back when the Yeah Yeah Yeahs released “It’s Blitz!” I wanted to do an animated music video with some friends for the song Skeletons.  Sadly that never came to be, but the band recently released their own music video for it.  Check it out.  Maybe I’ll do a music video for a different song or a different band this year.  Maybe…  Here’s to a year full of many many posts!  Heh.

Karen O


Sketchbook Vs. Paper

Posted in Doodles on 09/27/2008 by hexmor

Here is another page of work doodles done on some random piece of paper. For some reason I can’t seem to work in a sketchbook. I can draw on any paper that I find without a problem but if it’s a sketchbook page it stays blank. I’ve even bought some nice looking sketchbooks thinking that it would intrigue me to draw in them. Nope. I think I have this idea that they should only be full of pristine nice drawings. Not no loose drawings or half ass looking doodles. I need to get over this somehow because they are a good way of keeping artwork all together. I’ll see how that goes, heh heh heh. This doodle though has me thinking that a tattoo that’s as crazy and full as this might look cool, no?

Work Doodles

Posted in Doodles on 09/08/2008 by hexmor

So these are some of many doodles I do during many a waiting time at work. Some I don’t even realize I’ve done until I look back at the paper. I guess that’s why so many are upside down.

London Post

Posted in Doodles on 05/21/2008 by hexmor

So I just got back from a trip to London that I, Daniel, Elizabeth and Kevin took. It was an amazing trip. I can’t wait to go back. The above piece is one that I started in London but finished here (inspired by our visit to the area where Jack the Ripper roamed). 7 days there and that’s all I drew. For shame. But, I did take a few photos of my London Trip and put them on flickr for all of yalls to enjoy (some are blurry but I aint no photographer so they iz what they iz). Elizabeth took some nicer pics, including some of our visit to the Spaced house, so I hope she’ll have those up soon. London!

**Update01** Daniel posted some oh his pics too. Check them out!

Rainy Day Inspiration

Posted in Doodles, Illustrations on 01/25/2008 by hexmor

On one of my trips to San Francisco, I took part in a walking tour of some great houses. It rained for part of the tour and the weather today reminded me of that day. Thus, this here drawing. I do so enjoy the rain. I should totally go dance around it in… Thats right, Totally!

Back in ’84

Posted in Doodles on 11/08/2007 by hexmor

Here is a drawing I did back in ’84. It is of Voltron (and what I think is a Robeast in the back). I got a kick out of seeing this. I guess I drew this on the same day that both of my two front teeth fell out. I remember that I begged and begged for the Voltron Toy until I finally got it. I still have it today. He’s a little broken, but still good. Yeah, still good.

Planet Terror

Posted in Doodles on 10/23/2007 by hexmor

So I finally got around to watching the Grindhouse movies, Planet Terror and Death Proof. While I really enjoyed Planet Terror, I can’t really say the same for Death Proof. But I digress… I thought that Rose McGowan’s character Cherry Darling was pretty sweet so I decided to do a little sketch on her with her fun leg. Kind of like the way this turned out. I think I might just paint this sketch.