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Yuki 7 Whisky Ad

Posted in Illustrations on 06/30/2009 by hexmor

After seeing all the great Yuki 7 work that Kevin Dart and company did and are doing for the book release and upcoming art show at Gallery Nucleus, I got inspired to do a piece of my own. Being the Icon of the 60’s that she was, I figured that Ms. Yuki 7 herself would be in many many adverts. Since I enjoy Japanese whiskys, I figured I would place her in an ad for one. So there it is. I think it needs more of a clever slogan or catch phrase, but it’ll do for now. I’ll go have me a drink to think up a better one.


Marsha Attack

Posted in Illustrations on 05/13/2009 by hexmor

Beware of Chu Chus and beware of Marsha Klein. I’ve watched Spaced so many times I had to draw something from it. The interactions between Brian and Marsha are some of the funniest.

Chu Chu Attack

Posted in Illustrations on 04/22/2009 by hexmor

Began playing Phantom Hourglass (again) last night so I got the inspiration to draw “Toon” Link this morning. Not sure why I went with the faux print look. Gave me a reason to use that stained paper scan though. I hope another Zelda game is made in this “toon” version. I think I like it better than the other ones. Wind Waker was so fun.

Hugo the Self-Portrait

Posted in Guest Work, Illustrations on 02/02/2009 by hexmor

I don’t really ever draw myself. Or at least I haven’t in years. So I figured I’d have a go at it and do it the way I’ve been drawing lately. It was just going to be a sketch but it just kept going to the piece you see above.

Since he doesn’t have a website or a blog, here is Bruce Richards’ self portrait. AWESOME!

More Packaging

Posted in Illustrations on 01/09/2009 by hexmor

Obviously an ocean theme here. The doll that goes with this image has a bunch of blue and red anchors on her dress so this is her background. I finally have a Real reason to be doing some BG’s in an Eyvind Earle style! Not that I need a reason of course. Heh.

Product Packaging

Posted in Illustrations on 01/07/2009 by hexmor

I get to do the design and/or the product packaging for various toys from time to time. This is one backdrop I did for some dolls that are due to come out later this year. Not sure if it will get used or not so I figured I would post it here. Happy 2009!

Ultimate Wild Thing

Posted in Illustrations on 12/14/2008 by hexmor

I’m really looking forward to seeing Spike Jone’s feature film of Where The Wild Things Are. It was one of my favorite books as a kid (and still is one of my faves). I like how these big monsters aren’t really scary. Then I started to think how Totoro is like the Ultimate wild thing. Some giant creature (even bigger than the wild things) that isn’t scary at all. If anything, he looks like something you want to hug all the time. So this little piece is of Max meeting Totoro. Rar!